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Twist & Shout, Let It All Out

Today, consumers are faced with more and more media options with which they can spend their time then ever before.  Audiences options range from new on-demand content, to rental DVD options, and paid satellite radio. With that in mind the big media companies are rushing to stay relevant and while it seems as though everyone has a different strategy, one popular trend is to offer niche content to previously underserved markets.

Perhaps one of the larger populations to benefit from the change has been the gay community, which it seems many content creators are quickly trying to capture.  And why not, over the past decade the gay community has not only solidified its voice but within the community there is vast representation of many socio-economic backgrounds.  Further, the gay community is prominent in many of the Nation’s largest markets including New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles just to name a few. 

Sony MusicWith that in mind, today, Sony Music announced that they plan to launch a new record label that features gay, lesbian, and transgendered artists.  The label will be run by Matt Farber, who started MTV’s LOGO network that launched in 2005.  Reports are that the label will offer its first release in time for National Gay Pride Month in June.

Sony’s entry into the gay and lesbian market follow’s on the heals of not only MTV, but also of Sirius Satellite Radio, which has for several years provided Channel 149, Sirius OutQ.

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