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Traditional Advertising Will Never Be the Same

Allstate changed its advertising philosophy and opted to not load-up on "upfront" ad buys in 2006.  Traditionally, Allstate gears up about $100 million to the big four networks (CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX) which allows the networks to flaunt their fall television schedule and gives them financial flexibility before the TV season begins (when buying upfront, the networks give advertisers huge discounts).  According to the Wall Street Journal, broadcast networks attracted 35% of the TV audience down from 57% 10 years ago…in the same period, the big four broadcast networks nearly doubled upfront sales to $8.3 billion from $4.5 billion.  Allstate has always been one of the most loyal advertisers in the business and if this trend continues across the board, it only proves that advertisers are focusing their time and money on the developing new media. Wall Street Journal Link (Subscription Req’d.)

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