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The Web to Power Late Night’s Future

The interaction between the Web, and its ability to deliver video, and television continues to grow, and change.  In many respects, the web is beginning to alter the program development & production cycles for the networks and cable outlets.

Initially, the web was viewed by many as an outlet for additional content from television an avenue to deliver out-takes, mini-programs, and trailers.  However, with the web’s maturity, these same organizations are now seeing the true value of the web as a delivery mechanism that allows them to find new talent, test programs, measure success, and avoid many of the traditional barriers associated with television programming.

Perhaps, the most black and white example to date comes with NBC’s announcement that the network will preview Jimmy Fallon’s new late night program via 5 or 10 minute minisodes prior to his network debut early next year, when Falon is scheduled to takeover for Conan O’Brien, as O’Brien shifts to the Tonight Show at the same time.

Rather than leave Mr. Fallon to find his rhythm on the air, at the expense of the Network audience, and the show’s sponsors, this approach will allow him to ease into the new role at his own pace, without the concern of censors, and the pressures of filling an hour program every evening.  Instead, this new venue will allow him to slowly introduce himself to audiences on-demand via the web, and familiarize himself with the show’s format, all while allow viewers to get an early glimpse into what Late Night will look like next Spring.

What will it be next, Web Videos on Tape, on TV?

On the web: New York Times

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