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The Web Is Changing TV, Again.

Lately, there have been reports about the fact that many people – especially given the economic times – are abandoning subscription television services.  Instead with the advances made on the web, and increase availability of high-speed internet, coupled with new online sites that allow audiences access to a wide variety of programming, today’s audiences can, for the most part, access anything their TV would have conventionally brought into their living room through their laptop.  That said, one area that still hasn’t completely matured is the area of live news and sports.  There are some minor advances in this arena, CNN has a 24/7 online stream but it is not the same on-air product, and for most major sporting events legalities prevent most games from being available online at the moment.  That said, this is an interesting trend to be aware of and yet another example of how powerful the web is to alter our communications paradigm.

While the first State of the Union Address broadcast on the web was President Clinton’s 1997 speech, not nearly as many were on the web, or had the appropriate bandwidth to see the video.  Tonight however, we invite you to tune in right here as we see another example of that platonic shift as Hulu bring’s the President’s address to the mainstream social web.

On the web:
Cancel Your Cable and Still Watch Great TV: http://www.abcnews.go.com/GMA/Economy/story?id=6764960&page=1

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