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The Reverse-Tivo Effect

The Super Bowl is always a massive-hyped event that draws over 90 million Americans to the viewing table, produces extravagent fanfare, celebrity parties, and 30-second commercials that dominate the water cooler on Monday.  However, with the addition of Tivo, DVRs, video iPods, and blogs, advertisers really are getting their money’s worth out of the millions it costs to air one, 30 second spot.  With the blogging world as large as it is, website portals like Google Video, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL all replaying the Super Bowl commercials, companies that invested one-quarter of their annual advertising budget on one ad are reaping the benefits.  The Wall Street Journal profiled Emerald Nuts and it’s profits tripled in one year from running their first Super Bowl commercial ad during the 2005 big game.

The reverse-Tivo effect is, basically people skipping the program they record to get to the commericials.   This is bizarre occurrence that only happens one day a year.  It’s the reason why networks shell out billions of dollars for the rights to broadcast NFL games.  It is also one of those rare situations where everyone wins; the network is happy, the advertiser is happy, and the consumer is happy.  Just make sure the commercial is funny, or else your finished.

NY Times

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