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The Old Media Model is Dead

As today’s media landscape continues yesterday’s business models are becoming history. 

Audiences are finding new and unique ways to consume media.  Instead of watching your favorite television program on Thursday’s at 8PM now you simply "TiVo" it and watch it when it’s convenient for you, or watch it at a later date on DVD.  The news is no longer at 11 – but rather when you’re ready at 11:07.  Your favorite radio station used to cover about a 100 square mile radius, now thanks to satellite radio it covers the entire country.  In the past, it took almost a year from the box-office to our dens, today movies are available with weeks. (Actually, with Steven Sodenberg’s latest release Bubble – the movie was released in the theatre and on DVD on the same day.)  

As we explained in our introductory post, yesterday’s media business models are experiencing New York Magazinedynamic changes.  This recent article from New York Magazine does a great job of driving home the point about how technologies, such as the TiVo and the iPod, have changed how the media system works, and relegated the old media rules to the history books.

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