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The New Tune of Newspapers

It sems that the newspaper industry is increasingly becoming aware of the need to join the Web 2.0 World.  In a post yesterday, the Editor’s Weblog, discussed the importance of podcasting and digital media tools to the newspaper industry.  Interesting the article has an interesting discussion of the difference between a podcast and a daily radio show and how both communications tools can co-exist. 

Additionally, while the article explains of the ‘ease’ of developing a podcast, doing so adds a new dynamic and added level of production, coordination, and publishing for these entitites  In all reality, to be done correctly a comprehensive podcast strategy, much like any other type of outreach, requires specific knowledge for success.  In this case for podcasting there needs to be a high-level knowledge of audio production, as well as the technical aspects of publishing such a series.  It is these types of situations where organizations such as CityCast Media  can help clients to not only develop comprehensive strategies but also extend an organizations bandwith and knowledge to handle these types of campaigns. (Disclousure Note: CityCast is our consulting practice that specializes in podcasts, blogs, and RSS technologies.)

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