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The Love Monkey Redux: TV and Web 2.0

In the world of television programming changes are sometimes made within the blink of an eye.  For example, recently, after just three episodes, CBS pulled Love Monkey, the comedic-drama starring Tom Cavanaugh.  Now, I understand that developing and producing a series such as Love Monkey is a costly endeavor and therefore programming decisions need to be made swiftly and efficiently, however there is a certain amount of gravitas with which these types of decisions should be made.  With that in mind, I would argue that despite the economics of these types of programs, television network executives need to give programs like Love Monkey time to organically grow.  As a matter of fact, CBS and the show’s creators had already created a unique buzz about the show by featuring up-and-coming artists like Teddy Geiger, who music fans have been buzzing about since the show’s debut, and earned the respect of radio station DJs who appreciated Tom Cavanaugh’s character and the insight the show provided into the music industry.  CBS and Love Monkey would have had better success if the show had time to organically grow an audience.  Additionally, programs like Love Monkey should embrace the power of Web 2.0 and social media tools like Podcasting to build and foster new audiences, which in turn will also increase tune-in rates and help the bottomline. 

For Love Monkey, however it seems that it’s caught at least a temporary lucky break as VH1 will run the series 8 previously produced episodes (3 of which already ran on CBS).

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