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Sports Radio Hits your Cell Phone

The trend moves on.  For those who just don’t have time to listen to your favorite sports radio talk show, Clear Channel and CBS Corp. have cut a deal with MSpot inc. to make available sports radio on your cell phone.  For $5.95 a month, Clear Channel will debut its strongest radio shows in its largest markets including Detroit, Houston and Washington, D.C.  CBS will provide Chicago’s WSCR, New York’s WFAN, and Philadelphia’s WIP.

CBS and Clear Channel both expect to eventually produce a healthy stream of revenue as terrestrial radio continues to try and find additional outlets besides the traditional means.  This is definitely a trend that is worth following.  As iPods and satellite radio begin to pick up customers within their cars, and offices fixated on internet radio, terrestrial radio is trying to find a way to stay afloat.  This might be that step in the right direction.

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