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Social Media Tells the Sad State of TV Affairs

On Tuesday night, as I began to unwind from a busy day I turned on WNBC to watch the local news, and caught Len Berman’s teaser about his upcoming piece on the New Yankee stadium.  I flipped around and made it back to NBC just as Berman’s sportscast was about to begin.  Berman raced through a litany of sports stories, all as readers, without any video highlights.  After those he then had a brief package on the New Yankee stadium.  Overall, the sports segment struck me as rather lackluster and very un-Berman like.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, and I am reading a post on a popular Media message board, and I find out that Al Roker had sent a Tweet yesterday that legenday New York sportscaster Len Berman had ben forced out. Now, the subpar sports report makes sense.

But it seems ironic that the news of a popular New York broadcasting figure would first slip out via a new medium such as Twitter. Especially, given the fact that local outlets like WNBC are trying to stay prominent and relevant in the face of new online options that are distracting audiences. I think the smarter move for these outlets would be to further devlop these types of talents in an effort to connect with and retain local audiences.

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