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Producing is in our DNA.


From the day your project starts – the organizing for the shoot, the planning for the right look & feel, developing the outline, and working on-site or in the studio to bring your project to fruition – producing your content is exactly what we specialize in doing. Producing video content requires organization, attention to details, while keeping in mind the bigger picture, & ensuring that we successfully tell your story.

Whether it is selecting the site for your video shoot, identifying the look and feel of the video, casting a host, or culling through the footage and figuring what makes it into your piece and what falls on the proverbial edit room floor…as your Producer CityCast focuses on all of the particulars and keeps a highly trained eye on the underlying quality and the story we're telling on your behalf.

On the day of your shoot there’s an energy and excitement that we tap into to produce the very best content for your project. With our proven process, we’ll work with your spokesperson, or whomever your participants are to methodically capture and acquire the right takes for your final video.

Beyond the on-site production we’ll be culling through all of the footage, selecting the best takes, and working with our team to identify and coordinate the necessary elements such as graphics, animations, and music to complete your production.

No detail will be overlooked or forgotten because Producing your video in a professional and high-quality fashion is our top priority.