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Post-Production is where we take your project sprinkle a little fairy dust and make it just perfect…


During this phase of your project we’ll assemble a final cut based on the outline and materials that we put together during the pre-production phase

We offer a number of editing options to accommodate your team, schedule, work-flow preferences, and budget. Depending on your preference we can edit your project in one of the following manners:

Off-Site – Our most popular option because we take care of the heavy lifting and deliver to you a rough draft of your video. This makes the entire process stress-free for you and allows us to deliver a complete compilation of the best takes, complete with graphics, and any voiceover work, slides or animations included into the edited segment.

On-Site – If you wish we can bring the edit suite to your offices! This will allow us to collaborate on the edit, as we’ll preview the selected shots and cuts so that you can be a part of the process and ensure that the direction we take is in-line with your vision (we’re confident it would be with any editing solution, but this is a good selection for those who want to be in the mix.)

In-Studio – Similar to the on-site option, our in-studio edit option allows your team to come to an edit facility and join us as we put together your program and sift through the content. This solution while available for any type of project is typically recommended for larger projects that have more volatility and potentially subjective edits.

Regardless of the option you select it is our goal to make your editing experience enjoyable, and to deliver a final product that showcases your content and organization in a professional fashion.