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Putting Your Event in the Spotlight.


Keep in mind the complete costs of holding a conference … what if you could leverage that investment for additional marketing and outreach opportunities? ConferenceCast let's you do just that…reach new audiences with your conference content using today's latest media distribution tools.

There are real benefits to attending an industry event, but with the diverse needs of today's demanding marketplace it's nearly impossible for every audience member to attend every conference.

What if you had a way to transport all your current (and prospective!) customers to the event? What if you could create new outreach programs with the dollars you've already spent to produce, attend, travel to, staff, advertise, and prepare for the event? Thanks to modern technology and new media, you can.

CityCast is proud to offer you ConferenceCast, a media distribution service that extends the life of your events by creating rich media of your content and offering it to a national (or international) audience without having to physically go there or bring your audience to you.

Our team uses new media tools to produce audio and video conference highlights and event coverage, including news and research, speaker presentations, attendee and exhibitor feedback that viewers can see on your website, download as a podcast, or receive as CDs or DVDs.

Your organization can use this media coverage to:

    – Talk directly to current (and new) audiences

    – Show off innovations and breakthroughs

    – Demonstrate industry leadership

    – Communicate key messages

    …all while promoting your organization's brand and services for a fraction of what traditional media methods might cost.

    Now your participation (and investment) in on-site events gets a second life by keeping your message in the spotlight longer, and providing for an extended return on your investment.