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Podcasting Services

CityCast is Your Partner To Bring the Power of Podcasts to Your Organization

These tools have opened up brand new avenues for communicating with your customers (both current and prospective!). Podcasts can be developed and customized and offer you a chance to talk directly to a specific audience with a specific message. These conversations put a human face on your organization and increase your credibility. They can help define your company as an authority figure for any given topic. 

Professionally produced podcasts let you stay in touch with customers in a way that improves your bottom line yet respects a customer's time and interests (they choose when to listen or watch.)  We provide a number of different options including, but not limited to:

Audio Podcasts: These podcasts are recorded in our studio, via patch to our studio, or at your location.

Video Webcasts & Podcasts: Tell your story with rich video content either online or available for download for off-line viewing.

Enhanced Podcasts (iTunes compatible): A rich blend of audio, on-screen graphics, chapter markers, web links, and embedded contact info that increase customer/audience participation.

Podcast News Releases (PNRs): These podcasts make your news more dynamic — and are more likely to be heard, with your news at the center of the story.

Branded Podcasts: These podcasts are sponsored by your company, featuring industry news, innovative product usage, customer success stories, conference presentations, etc.

Whether you need our complete podcast development services, or just a technical back-end solution, CityCast can help you harness the power of Podcasts in your marketing and public relations efforts. We'll walk you through the process, step-by-step.