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Audio Solutions


CityCast has the expertise and know-how to custom develop an audio solution to perfectly match your needs. Whether it's a series of Audio Podcasts, a recording of an executive presentation, an effective on-hold message for your phone system, or a radio commercial for local or national distribution…whatever your need is for custom audio we can help you to take your project from concept through development and finalization.

Our development process is structured to custom design your media and ensure that you get the exact solution that you need for your project…

  • Audio ProductionStrategy & Development – We’ll work with you to identify and determine what the right solution is, which will ensure that our scope of work is clearly defined and that it meets your needs.

  • Pre-Production – This stage will vary depending on the solution we’re providing – but typically it is collecting the content that we’ll be producing, composing and collaborating on scripts, and ensuring that we have all the necessary elements for the production phase.

  • Production – During this part of the project we will actually produce the media whether that means working with one of your spokespeople to acquire audio, or conducting a session with one of our professional voice talent, we’ll use this time to craft your content.

  • Editing & Finalization – After we’ve recorded your audio content, based on the strategy and the specifics outlined earlier during pre-production we’ll edit the media and create a final version of your project, complete with production music, and any promotional or branding messages that you have opted to include. After this is complete, we’ll share a review copy of the media online for you to listen to and share any feedback that you may have.

  • Publication – Depending on your project this part of the equation will vary – but typically this will include publishing your media online, or providing direct links to download your produced media, or producing a professional DVD for you to use for off-line distribution.