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Podcast/Webcast Overview

Social Media Tools Create New Avenues to Tell Your Story


No matter where you turn these days there is some discussion of Podcasts, Webcasts, and the growing list of social media tools from Twitter to Facebook, and YouTube, iPhones & iTunes. While these may be new words to the media landscape lexicon they are in no way short on impact with today’s dispersed audiences.

Instead, rather social media solutions offer a new arena through, which we can publish and distribute your rich media content. When we take a broad view of your marketing and communications program we can work with you to identify opportunities for your organization to develop audio and video content that can be distributed via these new social media channels.

These new channels become important new tools that allow you to stay in touch in a unique one-to-one fashion:

  • – Share video podcasts updates on your latest events
  • – Reach out quarterly with executive updates
  • – Communicate internally about new initiatives
  • – Highlight a PR or Marketing Message with Custom Media
  • – Share your latest news in an Audio Podcast published in iTunes


Regardless of what avenue you want to reach your clientele through – CityCast Media can work with you to develop and produce content that will weave your story into the fabric of today's new social media portals and help you promote and further develop those important relationships you have with your customers, industry partners, and even your biggest fans!