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HD Video Production That Doesn’t Break the Bank


CityCast's Video Production services provide you with a solution that will take your project from concept through development…all within the confines of today's budget-minded business environment. Our professional video production solutions enable us to produce business videos that tell your story.

There is a misconception that producing professional quality video has to cost tens of thousands of dollars…

maybe that's because the competition says it should.

Well, put simply: that’s false. 


HD Video Solutions That Don't Break the Bank

We offer high-quality results, shot in rich HD video, that does not break the bank.  Our services ensure your video is professionally produced and developed according to your vision; from corporate, training videos, to medical videos, event video, or high quality YouTube video productions.

Best of all, we provide economical solutions without outsourcing your content creation overseas, or handing the project over to an intern who adds your project to a long laundry list of other tasks. 

From our first interaction with you, we’re focused on providing you with personal customer service and a turnkey solution that ensures your marketing video production or educational video is completed in a timely fashion.  We care for your project with a special attention to detail that leaves your organization in the spotlight through the power of our creative video production services.

To learn more we invite you to meet our CityCast Producer services. Or jump over to our Video Production Services.

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CityCast's Turnkey Production Process…



With a single camera, or a multi-camera shoot, our experienced crews shoot your story on-site, in-studio, or at your event. Our team has a long history of working in the field and will shoot beautiful sharp high-definition video that will help to tell your organization’s unique story.



During our edit process we’ll assemble a final video that incorporates all of the elements identified during our pre-production phase, graphical elements, animated openings, titles, and of course the best takes from the day of your shoot. All compiled and delivered digitally for review.



With over a decade of experience we know how to strategically & methodically organize, develop, and cultivate the right content to tell your story. From our pre-production phase, to our on-site coordination & direction; Producing is in our DNA, which allows us to really leverage these mediums and share your message.




There are a wealth of options to distribute your content. From offering it as a Podcast for download; to mobile options such as the iPhone; to a custom DVD; or as a content for your website; we’ll work with you to identify and develop the best strategy to allow you to easily & affordably publish your content.


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