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Video Production Solutions

An Independent Producer For All Your Media Needs

Whether you’re a communications professional, an account manager, business owner, or agency principle you’re navigating a broad spectrum of avenues to tell your story (or your client’s story). Your attention is on the broad picture, and like many folks you’re dealing logistics and coordinating various activities. 

You recognize the power of video, and you need a partner who can focus on telling your story, and deliver beautiful HD quality results. Well, let us introduce you to CityCast’s Producer services; we work with you to produce professional video (or audio) content with our end-to-end solution.

With deep roots in production, we keep our fingers on the pulse of new technologies, while providing a turnkey solution that makes it easy for you to create unique, engaging, & on-message video content.

We will take your project from it’s infancy during what we call the Strategy & Development phase, into Pre-Production, Media Acquisition, Post-Production, & Publication.

Throughout the production process:

  • – We’re there to answer questions…phone, email, even smoke signals
  • – Call your attention to the important details
  • – Work with your team to ensure that the final video exceeds expectations. 

Further, we are focused on service and we aim to make the process seamless so that from day one we are working toward producing your video with the underlying goal of telling your story.

At the heart of all of our solutions is our ability to produce your content in a professional, effective, and cost-efficient manner. We have a long history of working, both in the broadcast world, as well as with client’s (directly and with PR & Marketing firms) to utilize audio & video solutions to tell stories.

To learn more click here for our Video Production Solutions, Audio Production Services, or our Turnkey Five-Step Solution.  Further, to discuss your project in more detail we invite you to call us directly at 1-866-931-4866, fill out the form on this page, or e-mail us directly info AT citycastmedia DOT com.