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Podcasting 101: Lesson 1

MicrophoneIn the last two years, the Podcast field has grown from an arena filled with amateurs on the air, to a venue whereby virtually any organization can utilize this new medium to dispense its knowledge and reach targeted audiences. While on a day-to-day basis that is exactly what our organization, CityCast Media, guides our client’s on, I think that these tips can be universally applicable and beneficial to the greater Podcasting community.

With that, over the next two weeks, we’ll share our Top 10 tips for producing a successful Podcast series. If you have one we’ve missed we want to hear from you and invite you to share them with us at tips@mediabackpage.com.

Lesson 1:

Plan a Series – Podcasting should become a staple for any communications plan and it should not be viewed as a one-time activity. With that, it is necessary to establish and develop a series for continued programming. This will allow you to present your content on a continuous basis and continually engage your audience. By making podcasts a part of the overall communications strategy, there is an opportunity to continuously stay in contact with your target audience with highlights on new and current developments. Furthermore, part of these activities can be to add substance and information to the on-going dialogue, i.e. a podcast can have additional information to complement and supplement an in-person meeting, more information beyond a marketing document, or more casual insights such as Business Week’s weekly behind the headlines podcast series.

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