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Nielsen Goes To College

IN THE WORLD of marketing and advertising a key target group is that of college students 18-24.  Despite the segments importance for advertisers and networks, it has been historically difficult to measure what college students view, since they live in temporary dwellings that are not traditionally included in the ratings mix.  As the media landscape continues to be redefined, both content companies and their advertisers are seeking better metrics to track their efforts.  With that in mind, Nielsen Media Research, the company that measures television audiences, has announced that they will include college students beginning in early 2007.  In doing so the company will be able to better determine what they are watching (my bets are MTV, Fox, ESPN, and Comedy Central) and empower broadcasters and advertisers to better understand the demo.  As part of the unprecedented move, Nielsen will survey college students who live both on and off campus from dorm rooms to frat houses.


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Nielsen Press Release

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