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Mashable: The Death of Podcasting?

Mashable asks and answers the question: The Death of Podcasting and the Rise of Videocasting? No, It’s About Options.

I posted a response in their comments section, also re-posted here for convenience:

“Ben –

I agree with you here completely. As a matter of fact, I think that what’s been proven in the last few years is that the traditional barriers for communicating and distributing these types of content have been altered, and new opportunities have emerged to leverage these types of rich content.

That said, I do not think that any of these tools replace one another, but rather they add to the variety of options today’s audience has to consume the programming that is of interest to them. As an earlier poster mentioned, new technologies have not replaced traditional options, but instead they have offered new avenues for distributing content. Some audience members may opt for audio that fits into their lifestyle, while others may download video to take on a daily commute.

Ultimately, regardless of the term we apply to these new pieces of online media, what has been proven in the past few years is that there is now an open platform for communicating whatever an organization or an individual’s message might be.


Jason Cohen
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