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It’s All About the Mobile

No longer do we have to report to our home dens for soap operas, or sporting events as we once had to.  Today, it seems as though everywhere you look the conversation is about content on anything but the television.  From the laptop to even smaller devices like cell phones, iPods, PDAs, and digital media players every one wants their content available to audiences no matter where they physically are and on any device.

Case in point, buried in the media headlines today, MediaPost’s Media DailyNews highlighted that both CBS and the E! Network have announced new mobile deals.  While CBS will create new small-screen soaps for mobile phones and other devices, E! will launch a new broadband channel with streaming audio and video content to both cell phones and satellite radio subscribers.

While this particular story was a small blurb it is a highly signifficant move that demonstrates the mobile media trend that we’ll be watching and focusing on here at The MediaBackpage.

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