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How Long Do We Give Newsday?

It looks like Cablevision is about to buy Long Island’s own Newsday. 

The combined company could be pretty interesting and create some unique opportunities to integrate and promote Newsday, Cablevision’s News 12 Network, and of course the organization’s ownership of the New York Knicks and the Rangers.  Additionally, the purchase of Newsday has the potential to create a new avenue for Cablevision to leverage its relationships with advertisers and reach audiences in the New York metro area.

Yes, there is the possibility that there could be a lot of positives with this deal.  But let’s be honest here, how long do we really give Newsday?  I mean is it really feasible that the company that ran The Wiz into the ground, or that allowed the Knicks to end a decade run of sold-out games at MSG, to successfully manage a thriving and well regarded property like Newsday?

Unfortunately, the best intentions laid aside (and I am not sure what those intentions may have been) ultimately I think it will be a tough sell to most that this move was necessarily the best for either organization.
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