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Here We Go Again

It’s amazing how the development of new technology is just reinventing the wheel. In 1999, Napster created a phenomena in the world of peer-to-peer file sharing. After numerous other services popped up and
billions of songs downloaded illegally, the lawsuits came and illegal file sharing began to be curbed. The Itunes music store launched and the record companies at the RIAA began to recoup some lost revenue in
the digital age. Now TV shows are the latest craze to be pirated across the same file sharing means that Napster made famous. People for years have “suped up” their tivos and archived their favorite shows on their
computers. Now with video ipods, they have the ability to share and the networks are angry about illegal file sharing again. I totally agree with the last line of this Wall Street Journal Article, If I were a TV executive, I would cut my loses and sign up with Apple now. Because if they wait four-five years to sign on, they will have lost billions in potential revenue. Just a thought.

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