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Event Video Production

CityCast Puts Your Event in the Spotlight

Video can be a powerful tool for your event; whether you’re conducting a series of educational seminars, holding a national symposium, or one of your executives is presenting a keynote speech, CityCast can work with you to capture and deliver video content that showcases your event.  Whether you’re looking for wall-to-wall coverage of your speaker tracks, or potentially something more conversational, such as out EventTV services (outlined below) we can work with you to fully leverage your event.

Looking for a unique way to leverage your conference or event, think beyond wall-to-wall coverage….

Our turnkey EventTV solution allows you to easily create video content with your event as the backdrop.

EventTV is a great avenue to offer you participants new sponsorship opportunities and to develop cutting edge video content that can be shared via social media, as well as via your website and those of your participating sponsors.  Whether your event is in New York, Vegas, or anywhere in the country, CityCast can bring our turnkey three camera production studio on-site to your event:

  • Create a buzz at your event with our on-location studio
  • Feature industry leaders, sponsors, and keynote speakers
  • Offer new video opportunities to your sponsors
  • Turnkey solution makes adding video to your event easy

Let EventTV work for you – to seamlessly develop video content and offer your sponsors new avenues to reach your audiences – contact us today to learn more and discuss your next event.

To learn about our complete video production services, click here.