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Emmis Does the iTunes Shuffle

Today, news of a deal between Emmis Communications and Apple’s iTunes: Through the agreement, Emmis is taking the first and most aggressive action by any radio chain yet and is embracing iTunes.  With Apple’s assistance, Emmis’ stations will benefit from integrated and custom iTunes stores, which will feature music that is tailored to each outlet’s offerings, as well as special features such as DJ play-lists.

In terms of the larger picture, this represents a really interesting change and perhaps will serve as a breaking point in the relationship broad relationship between Apple’s iTunes and traditional radio outlets, which can lead to further growth and integration.  Specifically, for radio this represents a vast new field of opportunity to stay in touch with their audiences, as well as an opportunity to add an additional revenue stream.  Meanwhile, for Apple it further cements their lead in the digital space and will keep current and future customers connected and dedicated to the iTunes Music store.

Radio Ink Has the Emmis Story:


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