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Communicating and 140 Characters

As communicators we manage and implement new strategies that best fit our goals and as marketing and communications have gone through various cycles we’ve adapted our strategies to deal with the latest tactics.  Whether that means having a daylong conference, doing a media tour, producing a tri-fold brochure, or taking a weighty campaign and making it make sense in a one-minute radio or television spot.  Regardless of the medium, it’s our job to tell the story and leverage new communications platforms to find ways through which we can deliver our messages.  With that in mind, I thought I’d take a look at the latest communications tool, which of course has been getting a lot of attention, Twitter.

While I realize that many organizations have already started thinking about and integrating Twitter into their communications campaigns, there are many that have yet to fully delve in.  So, for those that are still leery let me share a few quick ideas about how Twitter can be beneficial for your next program.  First off, the basic premise of Twitter is to share with essentially the World, what you are doing, or thinking, in 140 characters.  Now, I know your first reaction might be that it seems like we have finally reached that point where we’re boiling everything down to the lowest common denominator, and you’re probably wondering how can 140 characters help me communicate about my campaign.

Well, I would argue that upon a closer look and once you’ve taken some time to explore the Twitterverse you may actually realize it is filled with potential and be of a different school of thought.  I know, you’re thinking exactly how that could be, well Twitter allows you to give your campaign and active avenue through, which you can reach your target market and engage them in an open dialogue.  Perhaps, best of all, Twitter opens the doors to having a conversation with audiences that are located anywhere and about any topic.

So, how can you benefit by integrating Twitter into your next communications campaign?  Here are a few ideas, you will be able to:

  • Develop an on-going dialogue about your campaign; sharing new information and keeping your brand in front of your audiences.
  • Share message points with diverse and geographically dispersed audiences.
  • Take an active voice in helping to answer questions in real-time.
  • Monitor feedback and control your own message.

Beyond these key points, by utilizing Twitter you’ll be able to engage in a virtual dialogue, which will help hammer home your message.  Further, being active on Twitter will help you establish new relationships, strengthen existing ones, and perhaps most importantly share knowledge and information with new contacts who may even be potential clients.

So, think about it 140 Characters really is more powerful than you would have initially thought, right?  Tweet me @jasoncohen

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