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Video Production Portfolio

Shoot. Edit. Produce. Publish. We have Your Video Production Project Covered…

CityCast Media is proud to offer the following examples of our Video Development & Video Production work.  Of course, depending on your project we’re happy to customize the look and feel of your content to match the style that you had in mind; whether that is a more MTV-esque hand-held look and feel like CityCast New York (shown below) or a more polished interview format like the Educational example.

Our Video Production Projects help our clients with:

– Event Video

– Product Demonstrations

– Internal Communications

– Educational Campaigns

– Web Video Releases / Podcasts & Webcasts  (iTunes/YouTube)

Regardless of the format that you have in mind, we’ll work with you throughout the process.  Want to learn more about our Video Production Process & Services, click here.

From the edit studios of CityCast Media, here are a few samples of our work:


Cinematic / Short Film

The Challenge: Help a classically trained writer produce and direct their first short film, on a flat budget, to showcase their talents.  To get the ball rolling, we started with the writer’s script and turned it into a shooting script; identifying shots, locations, shooting angles and everything that would be needed to guide on-site production.  From there we had to determine the best strategy to shoot this short film, giving the writer the opportunity to direct, all the while ensuring we produced a high-quality product.


The Playbook: To accomplish this we worked hand-in-hand with the writer, helping him with his directing responsibilities, all the while managing our production crew to bring the project to fruition.  For this project, CityCast provided all of the technical requirements for the shoot, pre-production services, as well as post-production to finalize and edit the short film.



The Challenge: Present the latest in headache healthcare treatment with an authentic voice from the clinician perspective.  This strategy offers a leading clinician an open platform to share the latest from the field, & demonstrate some of the new technology on the horizon.  The challenge comes in capturing the right voice, the timing, & coherently presenting the wealth of information.


The Playbook: Develop a comprehensive program structure that can effectively and efficiently capture the message, and work hand in hand with the physician to deliver the right presentation.


CityCast New York Demo

The Challenge: Develop something new & unique in the Nation’s #1 media market: a nitty gritty local video program that showcases the best of New York.  One of the key challenges was how to present New York’s fast-paced environment in bite sized lifestyle segments.

The Playbook: Connect with real New Yorkers, shoot on-location throughout the five boroughs; providing something different from standard news programming, using lots of B-Roll; while keeping the shots moving to tap into the energy that powers the city that never sleeps.

Due to client confidentiality we can only share a few examples on the public side of our site, want to see some further examples of our work? Just e-mail us and we’ll send you links to some of our other work.