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Snapshot: On-Location



We Transform Your Location Into Our Studio


While every project varies, we find that it is often best to produce your video on-location either in your own facility or in one that supports the messaging that you're looking to convey.  Either way CityCast has extensive experience in transforming any location into our own studio; which brings your message to life while reinforcing your brand, highlighting your infrastructure, and showcasing your organization

Prior to the shoot, CityCast will work with you to identify an ideal location for your shoot; if necessary we're happy to plan a pre-shoot site survey.  Also, throughout the pre-production process we'll determine what equipment will be necessary, as well as what props and other elements may be useful to successfully build your on-screen presence.  Throughout the process, CityCast works with you to accomplish the goal of transforming your facility into a living and breathing set for your video production.

Gear for the Job:

– Lights

– Coloring Gels

– Microphones

– Mic Stands

– Cameras

– Plenty of gaffer tape!

– Monitor for Playback

– Sound Dampening Blankets

On-location our production team professionally sets up your shoot with a minimally invasive approach:

– To get things started we carefully light the set, masking any unwanted light sources, and ensuring no shadows steal the show.

– We strategically place microphones to capture your presentation, and our team further works to reduce any location related sounds to ensure crisp clear audio.

– Build your set to provide organizational branding elements in the shot.

– Wrap-up & break down our set-up leaving no trash or debris from the shoot.


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