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Audio Production Portfolio

Our Audio Portfolio Will Delight Your Earbuds…

With the power of audio we help organizations tap into the unique one-to-one relationship that is established with listeners…whether that is in the form or an Audio Podcast Series, a presentation by a C-level executive to their internal team, as an on-hold message, or in just about any other format imaginable…  
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Here are three examples from our Audio Podcast vault…keep in mind we can brand your audio project in any way you imagine!
#1: Index Funds Advisors (IFA)
The Challenge: First, to further leverage existing content on the client's website. Then during a second phase, build a unique Podcasting strategy to distill very cerebral and intense topics, into a 12-part Podcast series.The series was crafted to mirror the content of the client's book, while bringing the content to life and creating intriguing and conversational segments that translated the 12 chapters into managable and digestible sections. This series was later translated into a custom-developed double CD for off-line distribution at tradeshows and seminars.
The Playbook: Initially, CityCast worked with IFA to translate into a Podcast series nine video vignettes that the organization had living on its website; the series was created as both an audio & video Podcast series to maximize audience potential. This content was distributed to iTunes, Yahoo! Podcasts, and a variety of other Podcasting directories. IFA enjoyed early success to the tune of about 7,000 downloads. To build upon the initial success of IFA's Podcasting efforts, CityCast worked with the organization to develop and produce an original Podcast series featuring IFA's President, Mark Hebner. The 12-part radioesque Podcast series was professionally recorded in-studio and edited with multiple voice talent. After about a year and a half, with a total of 31 media files, the combined Audio & Video Series received nearly 100,000 downloads.

#2: Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC)
The Challenge: Given the ever competitive environment for MBA applicants, CityCast was tasked with helping GMAC to develop and integrate a Podcasting strategy with their existing PR & Marketing initiatives. These efforts would allow the organization the opportunity to add a personal voice, directly from the C-Suite, to help tell the story of the latest data released through their various studies and reports.
The Playbook: The strategy developed for GMAC focused on their knowledgeable and media savvy President and CEO, Dave Wilson. In a series of candid and structured Audio Podcasts, Mr. Wilson was able to lend a virtual helping hand to perspective MBA students. Within his commentary he was able to share his guidance with perspective students and provide them with a better understanding of the changing landscape of graduate business school. The campaign, which lasted several months garnered over 35,000 downloads, helping GMAC to reach potential business school applicants.

#3: Heroes of Hope Program Monthly Podcast Interviews
The Challenge: We were tasked with working with a wide age range of selected individuals to translate their unique experiences and tell their stories in a down to earth and forthright manner to the Cystic Fibrosis community. In addition, we were responsible for producing unique & engaging audio vignettes that allowed the organization to showcase these monthly award recipients.
The Playbook: Every month the Heroes of Hope program selects a patient to receive this special honor, bestowed on a member of the Cystic Fibrosis community, by a panel of their peers. These winners share their unique and uplifting stories as a centerpiece of the Hereos of Hope program website. These are typically first person accounts or casual conversations with one of the panel members to share their encouraging and unique stories with other CF Patients across the country.



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