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A Brief Reflection As We Celebrate Six Years

Six years ago today I took a leap.  Having worked in radio and television for some time, and then spent almost five years running a PR shop in New York, it was time for a new challenge.  Torn between heading to a larger firm, or going out on my own, I decided to start CityCast Media. Having started listening to some Podcasts, I quickly realized how nascent the medium was, and thought about the opportunity to communicate online and how this new medium could very well tie into many PR & Marketing plans.  So, I started spending my evenings putting my thoughts together and thinking about what a company could offer clients to leverage the new space.  

While there was much to be determined, there were a few core beliefs that I held in the back of my mind:

– I wanted to offer honest solutions; services that didn't require an advanced degree or calculus to determine their reach…coming from traditional PR I saw too many bogus audience numbers and I just didn't like the games.  Early on we realized that download numbers, or views, would be the simplest metric for us to deploy.

– Service was key, if we tell you we are going to do something, then we do it. I didn't want our organization to tell clients one thing and do another (or as is often the case with some firms – do nothing). 

– We would be all about professionalism – from our branding and presence to our solutions and service. We respect our clients not only as professionals, but as partners, and when we engage with them we are committed to their project's success.

After spending a few months engrossed in learning about this new space, it was time to launch CityCast.  I knew I was ready when launch day came around and I realized I had to write some code and I just jumped right into the deep-end. Since then with the chaos of day-to-day events, we don't often take the time to reflect and evaluate, but looking back, I am proud of what CityCast has become and how we do business. We now offer a wide breadth of video (and audio) production services, for a multitude of purposes, and I am proud to say that we have stayed true to those initial principles.

Jason Cohen
Producer & Media Consultant

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