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BackPage Is Back: Podcasting to the Presidency

It looks like the writer’s strike has ended (or is on the brink of ending) so in that vane I think its time that we return to actively updating The MediaBackPage.  Of course, our lack of updates have had nothing to do with the writer’s strike but more to do with a wedding, a honeymoon, and the day-to-day activities of running a two-year old business (CityCast Media turned two on January 9th!)

Now that we’re back, and given that we’re entering the heart of the Presidential race, let’s take a quick look at how Podcasting can help you keep up with the latest from the campaign trail.    While there seams to be an endless amount of coverage, you may often wish you could take some of the interviews and report with you on your media device, so luckily to help stay abreast of the developments and commentary each of the big three networks, are leveraging Podcasting.  This not only makes it easier to stay up to date on the developments from each of the Primaries and Caucuses across the country, but also affords each user the ability to select not only when to view these segments but also on what type of device and software.  So if you missed Hillary and Barack on 60 Minutes, no problem CBS has a variety of ways you can catch-up on the interviews.  Or if you want to download the evening newscasts each of the networks has made it increasingly easy for you to get your daily dose of Brian, Charlie, or Katie.

Here’s what each network is offering to enable consumers to watch/listen to their content whenever and wherever they may be:

Audio & Video Podcasts from across the NBC family of networks including Highlights from The Today Show, Meet the Press, Hardball, and NBC Nightly News.
Link Highlights from Good Morning America, This Week, 20/20, Nightline and World News Tonight.
Link Audio & Video Podcasts of programs such as the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, and Face the Nation, as well as a variety of other reporter Notebook style Podcasts.

By using tool such as Podcasting to disseminate the news this election cycle there are benefits both for the end-user, as well as the media outlets. Of course, for the end-user the benefit is the ability to watch the program at any time, on any device (computer, portable media player, cell phone, etc.)  While the network is able to gain real-time feedback on programs including, the ability to quantify the number of downloads/viewers a specific program actively receives, track program popularity, and extend the reach of an advertiser’s message.

Take a moment to browse each of the network’s sites, I think that you’ll be rather pleased with how much content is now available as a Podcast, which should make keeping up with the race for the White House that much easier this busy election cycle.

As we continue to live and breathe media, the web, and technology we are glad to be back to the business of posting here.  Moving forward, we are looking to continuing to post new essays, as well as some various links to related news stories, useful websites.  If you have any questions, comments, contributions or otherwise please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us tips AT mediabackpage DOT com.

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