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After 25 Years an Absolut Makeover

While most advertisers often try new ideas few stick with the same campaign for a quarter of a century.  Despite traditional logic or other advertisers behavior has the folks at Absolut Vodka have stuck with the same Absolut campaign style for the past 25 years.  The campaign, which was rooted in print for the past few decades, prior to television outlets accepting the hard liquor ads, routinely featured a design of an Absolut bottle in any number of settings or locations.   

Absolut VodkaBeginning today, Absolut will begin a new series of advertisements that will unlike their predecessors appear on television and feature a variety of American icons.  The new ads will for one thing be similar to the previous campaign in that they are sure to continue the tradition of playing on the Absolut name and the distinct look and design of the drink’s bottle.

The campaign is designed to tap into TV’s new-found acceptance of hard-liquor advertising and help reach more twenty-somethings.  We’re also pretty sure the ads will in some sense become instant classics like their ancestors.

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