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Our Clients

Not to toot our own horn…but we have great clients!


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Since our inception, CityCast Media, has worked with a wide variety of leading organizations across a multitude of disciplines & across the country to leverage our cost-effective media production solutions.

We’ve worked with organizations from both the non-profit and commercial worlds…..with clients across a number of industry sectors from those in the healthcare & pharmaceutical arenas, to those in the technology space, and others focused on education.
These are often complex topic areas that require attention to detail, and a distinct ability to communicate complex messages in an easy to understand and manageable presentation; which is precisely where CityCast’s expertise helps you produce powerful media.
With our Five Step Process we have helped a wide variety of organizations to do just that – communicate and produce effective content.  While we often can’t get into project specifics, because of the confidentiality we share with our clients, here is a brief sampling that we can share.
To see examples of our Video Work, click here.  For samples of our Audio Work, click here.