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About CityCast Media


Building on a wide variety of experiences to find the right solutions…

Since 2006, CityCast Media, has been leading the charge to help clients develop and leverage new media opportunities. We believe in finding the right solution for each project, which means building on our wide variety of experiences to develop and customize the right solution for your project. Our approach is simple; you talk, we listen; our solutions are client-driven, and personalized based on the specific needs of your project.

We launched to take advantage of Podcasting and to help clients use this new distribution channel to tell their stories.

As technology has evolved our clients needs have too and we’ve expanded beyond our initial Podcasting Production services to provide client’s with a turnkey, flat-rate, solution that lets them produce professional quality video content for a wide range of uses.

Regardless of the client, we bring a wealth of value and share our expertise to identify strategies and produce video content that can tell their story. Our services cover everything from strategic consulting, to editorial planning, content development, and production services to help our client’s effectively and efficiently produce media that tells their story.

We have worked with great clients across the country – and serve a diverse client base including organizations both in the non-profit and commercial space. We have extensive experience working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as those involved with technology, education, finance, entertainment, travel, as well as a variety of other disciplines.

Simply put, we work with you to leverage our experience and create a video production project that produces informative video content.

CityCast Media’s commitment to our client’s is straight-forward…

– Provide honest guidance and consultation
– Expertly craft custom messages for each client
– Work hard to produce creative, effective solutions
– Ensure unparalleled, exceptional service