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A Flip Met With a Touch of Class

On Wednesday, New Yorkers said goodbye to K-Rock.  This was actually the second time in the past few years, that the legendary rock outlet, and former home to Howard Stern was flipped to a new format.  This week, in yet another effort to boost the station’s sagging ratings, parent company CBS Radio decided to leave rock behind and make way for a new top 40 outlet.  So, at 5PM on March 11th, 92.3 NOW FM burst onto the scene with the ambitions to compete directly against top-ranked Z-100, with the Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow.”



Now, while these types of flips are common in radio, and the results of the flip will take some time to be determined this particular turn of events brought out the classy side of former competitor WRXP-FM.  Known on the air as New York’s Rock Experience, and led by former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield, WRXP-FM took a very classy approach to the situation and released the following statement on the station’s website:

“NYC just lost another rock station…the legendary K-Rock. We are sad that many people have lost jobs and that the new york rock scene just lost an outlet. We play a lot of the music that K-Rock embraced, so we would appreciate your support if K-Rock was previously your preferred station.” (Matt Pinfield, 1019rxp.com)

While many outlets take this type of opportunity to tout their own success and celebrate the failure of their competition – ‘RXP actually went in the other direction and took the opportunity to invite former K-Rock DJ’s on their morning show.  Further, they even allowed former K-Rocker, Nick Carter, to do a guest shift during afternoon drive. (Ironically that shift was recently vacated when Bryan Schock left the station – maybe this is actually an on-air test?)  Regardless, as Mr. Carter even admitted on the air if the tides were reversed K-Rock staffers would have been celebrating their success and playing songs like Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” to commiserate their competition’s demise.  Instead, Pinfield and his team showed a true sense of class in what is often a heartless industry, and in doing so created a welcoming environment for any of K-Rock’s former audience members who sought out another rock outlet.

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WRXP-FM – http://www.1019rxp.com/rockisalive

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