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Video Production 101

What to consider when developing a video project…

While technology evolves, the principles for creating professional content remain the same.  When you think about your video production there are fundamentals that should guide your production.
Quality video production is the culmination of a number of disciplines & talents…here's some insight into the facets of your video production that will make your video stand out from the crowd:
Shooting: Capturing your video in a visually pleasing manner that is consistent with the look & feel defined for your production. 
Editing: Assembling your story and coordinating audio, visual, & graphical elements.
Lighting: Often overlooked because when it's done right it's not even apparent – lighting your production alleviates shadows, creates dramatic effect if desired, and enhances the visual experience.
Sound Mix: Similar to lighting, sound production is often overlooked since most professional productions do such a fine job it's something that audiences are rarely left to consider and think about.
Producing: An essential skill that that ties your production together, insures quality footage, the right atmosphere & tone, and coordination or all messages and assets from the start of your production through the completion.
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