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Moving beyond the initial aspects of the project, we’ll now have the necessary building blocks to start talking specifics and to build the necessary components to bring your project to life.

In many cases this starts with an outline of the media, while in other situations we may be producing a full-fledged verbatim script for your talent.  Either way this is an integral aspect for your production, which will serve to guide the rest of your project, ensure that all of the necessary message points are covered, and present a clear and organized approach for the media acquisition phase.

Additionally, during pre-production we’ll discuss a variety of questions:

– Logistical issues such as where we’re recording your audio or video; is this an on-site or in-studio shoot? Or is the audio being recorded on-location in a production facility or tied in with our production facilities?

– For the actual media capture, who will be a part of the production process.

– What the estimated timelines?

– Review any project specific guidelines or directives for the media capture.

At the end of the day, the pre-production phase is the glue that sticks between your strategy and the production of your project.