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Editing & Finalization


As your partner in production we’re committed to making your final media exactly what you have envisioned for your project.


At this point we’ll have all of the direction and content that we’ll need to professionally assemble and produce a final Video or Audio project. Our process allows us to comb through all of the recorded material and mark the best takes and most engaging aspects of the conversation (or presentation,) which will then be put together to compose the final production. During this time, we’ll also add any necessary voice overs, transitional music, graphics, promotional messages, or other components that are part of the final media.

Like the rest of our process, the Editing process is designed with our clients in mind, and aims to include you with the development of each draft. This enables you to review and offer comments and feedback throughout the finalization process.  With your feedback in mind, we’ll then make any necessary changes and wrap-up the post-production phase as we seek to deliver your final media.

Once your media is picture perfect it's onto the Publishing phase of your project.  Click here to learn more about our Publishing services.