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Our Turnkey Video Production Process

Our goal is to craft unique video content that tells your story.

Our process ensures that we meet the high expectations of our clients, regardless of whether we are producing video of a conference, producing a short film, capturing interviews, or any other kind of video content.

We’re committed to making your project a success…we are a small shop by design focused on providing a superior level of service…and helping our clients produce professional,  dynamic, and cost-effective video content.

We start simply by listening. We invest the time needed to learn in-depth about your project, your goals and key messages, and to identify additional opportunities; then choose the right approach in terms of media development, and the right distribution methods.

Strategy & Development  Your project is a blank slate there are no right, or wrong answers, which provides us an open canvas upon which to develop and build your content.

Pre-Production  We develop a blueprint for your project that captures on paper all of the key elements for your production to ensure a smooth production.

Media Production – This is where the rubber meets the road, we execute the development of your project, and bring your vision to life.

Editing & Finalization  Beyond the shoot day(s) your project will enter “post.”  During this phase we’ll synthesize an initial draft of the video for your review.

Publish   Once your video is completed a HD copy is delivered on-line and available for instant publication via any of today’s social media channels and integration with your site.

Our turnkey solution allows us to capture your vision, tell your story, and make the video production process a seamless experience.