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Leveraging Media

CityCast Can Help Your Company Adapt To The New Media Landscape

We help you to utilize a 360° marketing approach by surveying your current efforts, looking at your particular industry or niche, and identifying new marketing and publicity opportunities.  We’ll help you identify opportunities within your existing and planned PR & Marketing efforts to introduce and leverage these new distribution tools.  Our solutions allow your organization to easily add custom audio & video content to your efforts. (Learn more about our Video Production solution here.)
Today's Media Landscape changes the rules of the game…
– Now you can tell your own story in rich HD video.
– Share insights directly from the boardroom with shareholders, customers, employees and other parties.
– Leverage new avenues for sharing your content.
– Produce professional audio/video content that can be integrated with your overall PR & Marketing campaigns.
Your ability to effectively communicate your brand across the media landscape better than the competition is a fundamental competitive advantage.
We're with you every step of the way…CityCast makes it easy for your company to adopt the newest media and marketing tools. We'll help you develop and define your marketing approach, produce professional audio or video content and understand the options that exist to distribute your message to audiences on the internet.
We are dedicated to producing top quality content.  We take a methodical and professional approach to every project we work on to ensure that what we produce is refined and creates a positive reflection of your organization.  Similarly, we approach each project with the same attention to detail that most put into printed collateral.  We’ll refine and enhance your content and make sure that it offers the right messages for your campaign.  Using these powerful tools in conjunction with a strategic plan ensures that your message and brand reaches current and potential customers through many platforms and taps into the many advantages of using custom audio and video content.  Learn more about our Five Step Process by clicking here.