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2006: The Year of the Woman?

So far this year we’ve seen XM set the tone by hiring Oprah Winfrey to create her own channel on satellite radio geared toward women.  Three weeks later NBC makes a large push to get a digital -hold on the world of the woman consumer by acquiring the popular website, iVillage,   "The Internet Home for Women."  Sirius chimed in with its own version today by launching Cosmo Radio.  The channel devoted to all things Women in the same style as the magazine, Cosmopolitan. 

Cosmo Radio is part of Sirius radio’s Lifestyle package that already includes Martha Stewart’s channel and the Lime channel, which addresses healthy living.  This is just the latest example of women being targeted as specific consumers and satellite radio’s timeline for success.

Both XM and Sirius have made it clear to become and remain successful in this business, one must produce quality music programming covering all musical tastes.  After that is established, you first go after the tech-savvy "early adopters," then go after the men with incredible sports packages and aggressive radio personalities (Opie and Anthony, Howard Stern) and lastly the women with entertaining and enlightening programs with brand names and people you know and trust.

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